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Organization of the workshop day

For this workshop day we worked around SDG 13: climate action. We used media as a medium here.

The pre-schoolers worked on the theme for half a day, the primary school children for a full day.

During this workshop day, almost all classes went on a trip to a partner for a full or half day. When the classes were at school, there were separate workshops from which to choose:

  • MOS on the playground under the guidance of some teachers.
  • Make a vegetable garden at school.
  • Crafting and hanging a vertical garden.
  • Repair and/or make bee hotels.
  • Operation Proper walk.

Workshops Climate action

Youngest preschoolers

A workshop was given by Good Planet for the youngest toddlers. The name of the workshop was: ‘What is going on in Dirty Land?’.

Oldest preschoolers

The eldest preschoolers attended a theater performance at school. The theater performance was about ‘the Rainbow Princess’.

FIrst grade

In the first grade, the following activities were on the program:

  • Een bezoek aan een plaatselijke zelfplukboerderij: ‘De Moeiakker’ in Eeklo.
    The focus was on growing vegetables organically and why that is important for our planet.
  • A visit to the thrift store. Here the children learned about the importance of reuse and the importance of recycling
Second grade

Also in the second grade two different activities were planned:

  • Some groups of the second grade went to the forest ‘Het Leen’ in Eeklo. There they were guided in the activity ‘shopping in the forest’.
  • Some other groups, like the first grade, went to the Kringwinkel in Eeklo. Here the children learned about the importance of reuse and the importance of recycling.

Third grade

In the third grade, the students could choose from two different activities.

The first activity was a visit to BelExpo Brussels. This is an exhibition about the climate and the cities of tomorrow.

The second activity was a visit to the Zonneberg at Zelzate. This is a solar panel park. The students learned a lot about solar energy.

CEIP Marques de Lozoya


  • Visit to Farm school ‘Santo Domingo de Piron’.

Elementary school

  • Walks through the city and pick up garbage.
  • Create a vertical garden at school.
  • Plant the playground.