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Organization of the workshop day

ahead of time:

  •  Participation in national action ‘Saved by the bell’ on Wednesday, October 5, 2022: Every class is working on ‘Good education’. At the end of the morning everyone gathers on the playground and we ring as many bells as possible (appeal to students to bring bells to school).
  • In all classes, designs are made around ‘my ideal school’. This can be done on paper or in 3D.

During the workshop day of 10/11:

  • Morning: Continue working on themes ‘Saved by the bell’
  • Afternoon: class-breaking workshop afternoon on Image. We also see this as an example of ‘Good education’. It is therefore mainly about the organizational form and the children who are allowed to choose for themselves. We are mainly looking for visual workshops with which we can pimp the school (environment).
  • We ask the teachers to plan an artistic workshop. + appeal to (grand) parents. The teachers and volunteers determine in advance which age group can register for their workshop.
  • The children pass on their choices  (top 3) to the classes.
  • Working group makes the groups based on the choices of the children. Each child participates in 1 workshop.

Reducing inequality workshops

Youngest preschoolers

Students can choose from the following workshops:

First grade

Students can choose from the following workshops:

Second grade

Students can choose from the following workshops:

Third grade

Students can choose from the following workshops. One more workshop was added: taking plastic education lessons in the PO room of Atheneum De Tandem, together with the first stage of Secondary Education.

CEIP Marques de Lozoya

Youngest preschoolers:


  • making robots and math challenges
  • learn how to work with Canva
  • workshop on meditation and yoga
  • working on emotions with dolls